There are many ways to advertise your business and find more customers.  You will have been enthusiastically told about some of them by the sales people who call you on a regular basis.  There are always deals to be had, late space, bulk deals or even because they want to do you a favour!

Here is a basic guide to what is out there, how much they cost and what you should get for your money.  Very rarely is there a fixed price, it’s a negotiation and there are a lot of variables.

Most importantly your business is unique and needs the right tools to advertise it.  Make sure you know what you need, the advertising sales person certainly does not know your business well enough to tell you what you need, however good the deal may seem.

Printed Advertising / Leaflet drops


Including design, print and delivery per 1000.

Magazines and newspapers.

£100 to £500 for a ¼ page per issue in local area media.

Quantity and quality is the typical guide to pricing but targeted publications can also demand a higher rate.

Local Village/Parish  news

£15pcm for a ¼ page

A low cost and useful media to have in your portfolio.  With a distribution of only a few thousand but they are local, trusted and help your business be seen as part of the community.

Bow and Arrow Advertising are experts at buying, selling and arranging Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising Media

£500 per fortnight per panel.

Panels range from those you see on the end of a bus shelter through to roadside billboards.  Quality also rules price with different types ranging from static unlit panels in a quiet area to high visibility digital panels on a major city route.

Local council , roundabouts, boundary signs sponsored plant beds and hanging baskets.

£50 to £5000 per year.

A hanging basket with your company name on it won’t cost much but also won’t be seen by many people!

A well-positioned and maintained roundabout with a large sign and your branding could be seen by 10,000 people per day but the message is limited.

Bow & Arrow can arrange for your brand and advertising to appear on high profile lamp columns

Lamp column Banners

£750 – £1400 per year.

An excellent media that stands out from the street scene.  Prices come down by quantity and length of time booked


£2,500 for 30 slots in a week.

A local radio station can easily have a reach of over 300,000 listeners at different times of the day.

Other popular medias include:

  • Buses and taxis, car park panels and tickets. 
  • Petrol pump handles, Events, pubs, clubs ad a local football teams 
  • Online advertising on popular websites or suppliers and social media such as Facebook. 

You should monitor all of your advertising portfolio to ensure it is working for you.  As small or medium size business, Bow & Arrow always recommend you target you advertising.

All prices quoted here are only a guide, there are many variables within each product.  The information is based on that given by local companies.  All are negotiable and have variables based on your business and its requirements.