Advertising Doesn’t Work



So don’t advertise!

How can you stop advertising?  You have cancelled the bookings with Yellow Pages, blocked the calls from “Tracey at the Local Newspaper” and you have taken the postcard out of the post office window.

You can do this because you have enough business booked in to keep you busy for a year and you might have to take someone else on.  The bonus is that even though you know you are good at your job and not a business guru you have saved £400 per month by cancelling all of the “advertising”.

However you are still advertising.  Just presenting your business in a professional manner to one prospective customer is advertising.  Presenting yourself in an appropriate manner for the occasion and environment, whether it be in shorts or a suit, is advertising yourself.

Are you arriving to meet a potential customer in a dirty rusty van or car wearing jeans and a football shirt?  That’s absolutely fine because you say you don’t waste customers money on such things as sign written vans and uniforms but don’t expect to get well paid if you arrive looking cheap and its bad advertising.

FREE, this is for you,

The BIG secret to getting new business is TRUST.

It’s as simple as that but it’s not easy, even Vicars aren’t trusted these days!  Even if you did arrive in a football shirt, it better be the right one!

Would you trust someone, you don’t know, enough to hand over your money if they don’t have a business card or registered trading address?  If business development means you get more work by word of mouth through friends and family then you can probably get away with it and it will give a wage for some time.

If you want to develop your business professionally, be your own person, give yourself and your family what they deserve, not worry about bills and be comfortable in retirement then you should invest in the very basics of advertising and the correct presentation of you and your business.  Advertise but do it right, do it well.  Call me!