Welcome to the Bow & Arrow experience

Bow & Arrow is an advertising consultancy specialising in the presentation and development of businesses including:

  • New start ups 
  • Small to medium enterprises 
  • Large independent businesses 
  • Local Authorities 
Bow and Arrow look at every part of a business and identify the individual characteristics which will be developed into a brand/image that make it stand out in the market place without having to spend a small fortune.

Bow and Arrow work hard to understand the business owner, their motivation, their background and what they want from their business, and what they need to become a profitable business.

Bow and Arrow develop and create practical tools for a business to stand out and operate successfully in a marketplace.  Bow and Arrow can then identify and access the target marketplace for the business.

Although Bow and Arrow have an in-depth knowledge of traditional advertising medias and have access to preferential rates, we look to create unique budget friendly advertising opportunities that target the right type of potential customers rather than the numbers and commission driven norm adopted by conventional advertising and marketing agencies.

Key elements in the make up of Bow and Arrow that make it successful is in understanding our customers.  We do that exceptionally well because of the extensive experience it has of the market place.

Before starting Bow and Arrow, Mark Holman gained his experience in the following areas.

  • Motor trade 
  • Retail 
  • Cleaning 
  • Horticultural 
  • Local Authority 
  • Paint & wallpaper supplies 
  • Events 
  • Outdoor advertising 
  • Pubs, restaurants and entertainment 

  • Motor Sport 
  • Traffic Management 
  • Newspaper and print 




If your business isnt in this list then we look forward to learning about it. After seeing so many ways of businesses trying to advertise themselves and failing miserably Bow and Arrow know what does and doesn’t work.

Along with a huge passion for advertising since he was a child Mark will always be looking for something new and different as a way to lift a business into a customers attention.